For Teachers

TripAid is the perfect tool for teachers running a school trip. With the ability to message any and all of your pupils, you can give out crucial information, whether that is reminding them of when they are due to meet up, to pack a raincoat or sending out the itinerary for the day.

You can also keep track of their location, so if a student misses a meeting time or strays from the agreed area, you can immediately find them and check they are ok with a message, saving you the time and stress of wondering where your student has gone missing. TripAid allows you to use your own phone on a trip, without having to give the students your number.  As soon as the trip ends, no student will be able to contact or locate you, meaning you regain your full privacy after the trip.  

You will wonder how you ever coped without TripAid on your school trips. Sign up now for a free three month trial and see how TripAid can help teachers and students to communicate better and feel safer on your next school trip.